COMPOSER 1945–2013

Opus 18

Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano (1963, rev. 2004)

for Violin and Piano

  • Allegro molto
  • Lento
  • Allegro

Duration: 14 min.

Dedication: to Emily Adele Vanderwerf

Premiere: 2014; O. Dalby; M. Kampmeier; Merkin Hall, New York, NY

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Rosner composed two sonatas for violin and piano, the first when he was 18 years old. As with a number of his early works, he later felt that the sonata could be improved without changing its overall character. The subsequent revision retains the original thematic material, while its development is considerably more sophisticated than in the earlier version. In revisions such as this one, Rosner was able to retain the freshness and innocence that characterized his earlier music, while providing a developmental complexity that gives the music added depth and interest. (Notes by Walter Simmons)