COMPOSER 1945–2013

Interview with Arnold Rosner by Walter Simmons, Fanfare Magazine, 2013

Transcript of a 1995 radio interview by Bruce Duffie, WNIB-FM Chicago

Arnold-Rosner-at-piano-(Bronx,-6-74) “My style is in a netherworld between really modern and conservatively predictable. And if you look around the audience when a piece of mine is being played, there are some people there who just don’t see what the connections are. They hear certain kinds of vocabulary; they therefore assume a certain general tonal syntax, which I avoid assiduously. And those who are looking to be impressed by the newness of something aren’t getting off on my pieces either. Generally, most good music requires more than one hearing anyway.” (Read More)

Interview with Arnold Rosner by Walter Simmons, Fanfare Magazine, 1991

Paul Vanderwerf’s 1999 doctoral dissertation on Rosner’s string chamber music

Rosner exemplifies the composite career of a diversely talented musician. He has taught at several colleges in the Northeast and Canada. He was Music Director of WNYU-FM radio during his entire four years at New York University, and from 1970 to 1972 he was an assistant Music Director of WNYC-FM, one of New York’s top radio stations. A capable conductor and pianist, he has participated in both roles in performances of his own compositions. (Read More)

“An Analytical Survey of the Music of Alan Hovhaness,” PhD Dissertation by Arnold Rosner, 1972