COMPOSER 1945–2013

Opus 114

3^7 (2000)

for Harp

  • Fantasy
  • Homage to A. H.
  • Pastorale

Duration: 9 min.

Dedication: to Alison Attar

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The title of this “short suite for solo harp” means “three to the seventh power” in mathematical notation, and refers to all the possibilities for the pedaling on a modern pedal harp (seven pedals, one for each note, and three possible positions for each: flat-natural-sharp). Despite this title, the work contains almost no pedal changes. Rosner manages to employ his very characteristic sounds and language (depending as it does on a free motion between modes and triads) within the pedaling limitations. The title also refers to the fact that there are three movements, and each movement uses a time signature with 7 beats to the bar (7/8 in the outer two movements and 7/4 in the middle).

The opening movement, Fantasy, is an introduction and allegro. The second movement, Homage to A. H., refers to composer Alan Hovhaness (about whom Rosner wrote his doctoral dissertation). The movement opens with one of Hovhaness’s most frequently employed rhythmic patterns (within the 7/4 meter): three quarter notes followed by two half notes. In his dissertation, Rosner speculated that this rhythm represented the speech rhythm of Hovhaness’s name: “Al-an Hov-HA-ness.” The third movement, Pastorale, is flowing, with a running 16th note figuration that continues to return. The suite is dedicated to harpist Alison Attar. (Notes by Carson Cooman)