COMPOSER 1945–2013

Opus 115

Clausulae for Trombones (2001)

for Three Trombones

  • Maestoso
  • Allegro energico
  • Allegro moderato

Duration: 10 min.

Dedication: to Felix Greissle-Schoenberg

Premiere: 2002: G. Erickson; D. Turk; J. Pfannkugh; Lark Ascending; New York, NY

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Clausulae for Trombones was commissioned by the foundation The Lark Ascending (directed by Nancy Bogen) for premiere as part of a concert experience entitled “The Great Debate in Hell,” based on Book 2 of John Milton’s Paradise Lost. The work is dedicated to Bogen’s husband, Felix Greissle-Schoenberg.

The three movements of the work were originally written as both musical and literary clausulae, the latter meaning implying something which is used to give emphasis to the end of a section or phrase. Musically, the pieces also refer to the influence of medieval music on Rosner’s musical language, and specifically the clausulae of the Notre Dame school.

Outside of its original performance context, the piece functions effectively as a chamber suite of three contrasting movements. (Notes by Carson Cooman)