COMPOSER 1945–2013

Opus 93

Gematria (1991)

for Orchestra


Duration: 13 min.

Dedication: to the members of the JCC Orchestra of San Diego

Recording: Toccata TOCC0368

Premiere: 1992; JCC Orchestra of San Diego; D. Amos

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Although found elsewhere, Gematria is most fully developed as an esoteric aspect of Judaism, particularly of Kabbalah mysticism. Numbers are systematically substituted for letters, resulting in complex hidden ideas, cross-references and double-meanings in otherwise apparently straightforward texts. This work does not apply a similarly schematic approach to music, but attempts a fitting mood and richness by means of complicated cross-rhythmic overlays of colors and harmonies. This work was commissioned by David Amos and the JCC Orchestra of San Diego. (Notes by Arnold Rosner)