COMPOSER 1945–2013

Opus 121

Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (2006)

for Bassoon and Piano

  • Adagio
  • Allegro energico ma serioso
  • Lento

Duration: 17 min.

Recording: Toccata TOCC0408

Premiere: 2014; D. Richmond; C. Cooman; Merkin Hall, New York, NY

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Rosner composed quite a number of sonatas and related works for solo instrument with piano. In fact, most standard instruments are represented among these pieces, and some are among his most serious, deeply searching compositions. These works often sandwich a lighter, scherzo-like movement between two movements of somber, brooding character, and that is the case with the bassoon sonata. Both outer movements indicate the extent to which Rosner’s language expanded during his later years to embrace considerable chromatic freedom, without diverging completely from a firmly tonal anchor. The central scherzo is lively and vigorous, while retaining the serious character of the outer sections. (Notes by Walter Simmons)