COMPOSER 1945–2013

Opus 53

Wedding March (1971)

for Piano

Duration: 3 min.

Recording: Albany TROY1119

Premiere: 1971; wedding of J. & S. Dzik

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In 1971 I was introduced to two sisters named Babad. Well, composers cannot resist names that go no further into the alphabet than G or H, and I immediately sang to them, in four eighth notes and one half note B-A-B-A-D. I took this home, and the next bar occurring to me had the same rhythm (on D-E-F-E-F). I then decided to alter the first bar for greater interest and contrast so it went to B-A-D (two quarters and a half), and so disappeared any reference to these ladies. The resulting theme became material for a Wedding March, composed for and premiered at the wedding of my dear friend Jonathan Dzik (and his bride Susan). The piece (Dorian with a Lydian ending) and has seen occasional ceremonial usage. Most still prefer Mendelssohn or Wagner or Pachelbel, but this composer himself and both the musicologist Walter Simmons and KUHF Houston program manager John Proffitt have also marched with their wives down the aisle to the piece. (Notes by Arnold Rosner)

While written for piano, this piece could also be played on the organ. The composer writes: “The score is notated for piano, but any arrangement may be used for actual wedding ceremonies provided no rhythmic alterations are made, and all the original harmonies and voice-leading are retained. The most preferable version is for solo organ, keeping the original dynamics as much as possible and with the pedal reinforcing the written bass.”