COMPOSER 1945–2013

Vocal Works

Op. 22Psalm XXIII (1963) for Voice and Piano3 min.

Text from Psalm 23

Recording: Albany TROY1353-54

Op. 52La Vie antériure (1971) for Male Voice, Three Trombones, Chimes, Gong, and String Quartet4.5 min.

Text by Charles Baudelaire [French]

Op. 55The Leaving Light (1972) for Voice and Piano5 min.

Text by Michael Sussholz

Recording: Albany TROY1353-54

Op. 58Three Elegiac Songs (1973) for Voice and Piano13 min.

Texts by François Villon [French]; Gottfried Benn [German]; Hebrew liturgical

  • Les Neiges d’Anton (François Villon)
  • Ein Wort, ein Satz (Gottfried Benn)
  • Kaddish (Jewish Traditional)

Dedication: Lázár Évának Ajánlva

Recording: Albany TROY1353-54

Op. 73Nightstone (1979) for Voice and Piano13 min.

Text from Song of Songs

  • Ballad
  • Evocation
  • Serenade

Recording: Albany TROY163

Op. 77Minstrel to an Unquiet Lady (1982) for Tenor and Piano11 min.

Text by Florence Stevenson

  • Welcome All You Lords
  • Edward Was a King
  • The Road to Norfolk

Dedication: to Sonia and Jack Millstein

Recording: Albany TROY1353-54

Op. 86Besos sin cuento (1989) for Alto, Flute, Viola, and Harp18 min.

Texts by Renaissance Spanish poets

  • La Belle Inés (Baltasar del Alcázar)
  • Y Dulce Olvido (Francisco de la Terre)
  • Al Amor (Cristóbal de Castillejo)
  • En Jaén (Anónimo)
  • Duermes, Licisca (Francisco de Medrano)
  • Glosa de las Vacas (Cristóbal de Castillejo)

Recording: Albany TROY553

Op. 90Songs of Lightness and Angels (1990) for Soprano, Horn, and Piano12 min.

Texts by Katri Vala; Eino Leino; Kirsi Kunnas [Finnish or English]

  • Maa (The Earth) (Katri Vala)
  • Rauha (Peace) (Eino Leino)
  • Aamulla (In the Morning) (Kirsi Kunnas)

Dedication: to Annukka and Michael

Recording: Albany TROY1353-54

Op. 96Poseidon (1993) for Voice and Piano7 min.

Text by Barbara S. Post

Recording: Albany TROY1353-54

Op. 97The Parable of the Law (1993) for Baritone and Orchestra
21 min.

Text by Franz Kafka

Recording: Toccata TOCC0465

Op. 108Of Songs and Sonnets (1997) for Countertenor (or Mezzo-Soprano) and Harpsichord9 min.

Texts by John Milton

  • Tell Me, Sweetest Nymph
  • To Mr. H. Lawes, on the publishing his Airs
  • Presentation to the Father and Mother

Dedication: to Nancy Bogen

Recording: Albany TROY1353-54

Op. 111To the Keen Stars (1999) for Voice and Piano4 min.

Text by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Recording: Albany TROY1353-54

Op. 116Strictly Personals (2001) for Soprano, Baritone, and String Quartet (or Piano)18 min.

Text by Arnold Rosner

  • Successful and Pretty
  • Roommate Wanted
  • Carmensita de Morales
  • The Silver Years
  • Swinging Couple

Dedication: to Elodie Lauten

Recording: Albany TROY1353-54

Op. 120Five (2005) for Voice and Piano3 min.

Text by Mattias Vanderwerf (at age 5)

Recording: Albany TROY1353-54