COMPOSER 1945–2013

Works for Band

Op. 84Symphony No. 8, “Trinity” (1988) for Band23 min.
  • Ave Maria
  • Le Rondeau du Monsieur le Diable
  • Pythagoras

Dedication: to Simeon Loring

Recording: Naxos 8.573060

Op. 88Lovely Joan: Rhapsody on an English Folk Song (1990) for Band9 min.
Op. 91De Profundis (1991) for Band9 min.
Op. 98Dances of Initiation (1993) for Band7 min.
  • Maestoso
  • Andante moderato
  • Allegro
Op. 100Eclipse (1994) for Band11 min.

Dedication: to Peter Schmalz and the Oshkosh West High School Wind Ensemble

Op. 104RAGA! (1995) for Band11 min.
Op. 117Three Northern Sketches (2003) for Band12 min.
  • Ice Sculpture
  • Pastorale
  • Aurora
Op. 119Now Cometh the Redeemer (2005) for Band11 min.

Dedication: to Jack Stamp

Op. [1]Chromatic Fantasy (by Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck) (1987) for Band